Next Level Business Coach

Someone to hold you accountable on a structured path, to develop your business to run efficiently and effectively, giving you the potential to live a fuller life.

Together at the Top
Next Level Business Coach

Experienced Accountability Partner


An EMyth trained business coach that owns multiple businesses and has coached companies around the world. He continues to network with some of the best business coaches on the planet.

Dark Rainforest Path
Next Level Business Coach

A Structured Coaching Program 


Follow a clear path starting with Visionary Leadership, followed by A Clear Brand in the Marketplace, next Understanding Your Money, then Developing an Extraordinary Team, then Reverse Engineer Your Sales Funnel

Reach the Top
Next Level Business Coach
Live the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of 
A coach that keeps your life in focus, helping you to create a business that you will enjoy owning while creating a life that you love living. 
Next Level Business Coach

Do any of the following statements describe you?


My business is growing to fast for me.

My business wasn’t ready for covid.

I don’t want another year like last year or the year before that.

We are very good at what we do, but our business isn’t profitable.

I can’t find good employees, and my business can’t run if I’m not there.

I need help in getting clear about how to grow my company.

We go through a lot of money but we can’t seem to keep much of it.

I want to be a stronger leader in my business.

I need someone to hold me accountable.

I need someone to bounce business ideas off of, and help me get clear on what I should be doing.


If yes, then an Executive Business Coach is right for you.

Next Level Business Coach

Medical Business Owner

The experience has been really great for me and you have helped me . Always calm, focused and attentive to what I needed to learn. Even though I had a huge range of distractions from the business and my situation, you helped to focus me on the important things and I am really thankful for you.

Benny Friesen

Hello, I’m Benny Friesen, 

I'm passionate about helping businesses grow to the next level, giving the owner more life, more control of where the business is going.


I discovered EMyth many years ago, and after EMything my own businesses started helping others to develop their businesses in ways that would serve their life. I have found that structure and systemization gives business owners the freedom that so many got into business to find, but has proven so elusive for them.


Now I help business owners world wide to discover a new level of life, through developing their business to a new level.


My focus on helping you develop your business to serve your personal goals, your values, and your life. What is challenging you in your business right now? Let me know how I can help!

Next Level Business Coach

We Will Never Courageously Ask For Help If We Don't First Accept That We Truly Need It.

-Tory Eletto